Chat Room of Politic

Poor president has lost a lot of weight,
What can he do?
They crown him with a new wooly hat every year!
He is not to blame,
Water doesn't flow in the stream,
Democracy needs a flat ground
and a vast land
like the United States;
like our southern neighbor,
Democracy doesn't grow in rocky lands,
Democracy must be Afghanised,
Like Rumi’s Lion!
Let Afghanistan's stomach rumble for the food of democracy,
If this food does not cook in our pot,
Why is Karzai to blame?
Our pot is placed in the oven of tradition,
Democracy needs an advanced oven with bloody fires,
If the smoke of democracy has blinded us;
If waters have dried up from shame;
If school kids write in their notebooks: Two loaves of bread plus two loaves of bread equals three cabinet posts;
It is not important!
What is Important is that Afghanistan has an elected president and,
a constitution untouched by the eraser!
The elected president is aware;
He breaths history;
And in the geography of national anthem he calls everyone by their true names.
In the Gulkhana Palace,
He does not fear anyone.
His proud wooly hat is bigger than the head of history,
When he kisses the hands of the father of the nation,
God knows what goes in his heart.
His chest is a house with no pillars where he cherishes sweet patience,
When Musharaf calls him an ostrich,
He bravely recites a poem:
"If you don't know my Afghan valor, you will know it once you face me on the field."
But then he quotes the words of Ali:
"The greatest bravery is patience".
And when his diplomatic Chapan falls off his shoulders,
He writes in the chat room of politics:
"Don't you disclose what is between you and me!"